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    Central Illinois United teams are at the top of the FCCI, SASA & PFCU player development pyramid & have player representation to over 9 clubs from though out Central Illinois. This program is open to all Central Illinois players. The overall focus of the Central Illinois United program is to provide player development of technical, tactical awareness, physical abilities, and psychological growth within an enjoyable and rewarding environment at the highest levels. Our shared mission is to create a healthy, positive, competitive and fun environment, where talented youth athletes from all backgrounds learn how to succeed in life today, and beyond Central Illinois United. We want to develop not only elite soccer players, but also outstanding teammates, leaders, students and citizens.

    The goal of CIU is to be the premier soccer club in the Central Illinois area, give opportunities to players to play at the highest levels that would not be possible unless players have to drive 1.5 to 3.5 hours to attain. We want to be the first choice for competitive soccer for both top players and top coaches within our diverse community. CIU is only as strong as the players, families, coaches and the volunteers who work everyday to help us achieve our goals!